I once received fabulous shopping advice from a well-versed relative in the fashion industry. She said, “If you can’t stop thinking about the piece, buy it or you’ll be thinking about it forever.” That advice was ringing in my mind when I came across my favorite piece of the season: A faux green fur coat.

I had been interested in faux fur for quite a while, especially after seeing so many white fur coats last winter. However, as they grew more and more popular, my desire to have one faded away. Then, as I was browsing through fashion articles and blogs as I usually do, I saw an inspirational bubblegum pink coat in the Gucci F/W 16 collection. This coat was so striking, so different and playful, that I knew I had to have it, or at least a version relatable to it.

When I found this green fur coat, people tried to tell me it looked “gross.” I ignored them, as the coat has the exact functions I was looking for in fur. It is unique and colorful like the Gucci coat. Additionally, the green is so rich that it seems festive during this time of year. I can easily pair a velvet, mini dress of the same shade underneath, and it further brings out my green eyes in contrast to my red hair. Adapting to the cold weather by accessorizing with a feminine headband and square toed boots makes me feel like I’m in Moscow, Russia during Russia Fashion Week—both darling and warm.

“If you can’t stop thinking about it, buy it,” not just because “you’ll be thinking about it forever.” Buy it because that constant thought is love, not only for the piece but for yourself as well. I love my new coat; it is one hundred percent me, one hundred percent my style.

Besides, fashion is zero percent a consensus.