Last winter, when the temperatures dropped I found myself getting lost in layers on top of layers, where scarves pulled up to my ears and functional, but not fashionable, hats and gloves. This year, I was determined to beat the cold in style. Looking for some inspiration, I fell in love with Burberry’s pre-fall 2016 collection. This collection is comprised of a wide array of statement coats. All of the coats in the collection were beautiful, however I was obsessed with the fur coat one of the models was rocking. I couldn’t get enough of the jacket and decided to translate this runway look into my own look.

Not having a bulky fur coat available in my coat closet, I opted for stretching this look out with a floor length faux fur coat instead. The rest of the outfit found in the runway line was simple, thus not taking any attention away from the coat. In my translation of the outfit, I decided to stick to all-black tones for the rest of my clothes. I wore black high-waisted jeggings, a thin black belt and a black turtleneck. To break up the all of the black, I wore my grey Vagabond zip boots. The boots have tones of grey and brown in them which helped make the color of the coat pop.

What I love about this outfit is how quickly it can transition from chic to casual, by removing the jacket. With the jacket, the outfit screams high fashion and confidence. Although the jacket is long, you can’t hide behind the fur because you will catch everyone’s attention as you walk along campus. However, as soon as you step inside your classroom and take off the jacket, you’ll be rocking a classic sleek and casual look. Now that is some A+ material.

Get My Look: 1. A faux fur coat. 2. Some black high-waisted jeggings. 3. A black turtleneck.