STYLE GURU STYLE: "Fur-Escape" Coats

The  Fendi fall 2014 ready-to-wear collection was absolutely beautiful. The overarching theme of travel was essential to the clothing and the overall artistry of the event, which I found to flow effortlessly. Fur, as per Fendi style, was very prominent throughout the show. Karl Lagerfeld described the frequent elements of fur as a “fur escape,” as all of the fur featured throughout the show was “escaping” from the side or from behind a garment.

Lagerfeld also described the mood of the show as “couture universalle,” since the theme was travel and there was no mood that over-arched the entire show. I love how Fendi focused on the idea of travel because that allowed their show to express more diverse styles and themes.

Some of the show focused on more monochromatic patterns but then other parts of the show featured patchwork or embellished designs which obviously represented a different element of travel or a different area of the world.

Today, I gave myself a little touch of runway style! I translated the runway look that was featured on the linked page (in the first paragraph) into my everyday outfit. I adore fur and I love when the whole jacket isn’t made of fur but instead, has touches of fur; just like the Fendi runway show. The rest of my outfit stayed monochromatic which reflects the first element of travel in the fashion show. My army green jacket popped with a hint of fur, and the rest of my outfit stayed subtle and let the fur take the spotlight.

Get My Look: 1. A winter jacket with fur hood. 2. Black textured leggings. 3. Black heeled booties.