Sarah Burton, creative director for Alexander McQueen, describes this collection with prose as elegant as the clothes themselves, “Rebirth. Spring, blossoming. Hope in new life.” The Alexander McQueen resort 2016 collection is a nod to Alexander McQueen’s love of nature mixed with Burton’s sunny and optimistic transition from last season’s darkness. This collection has history sewn into the fabric from the ’40s silhouettes, traditional flower patterns to statement finishes of precious heirloom jewels and vintage accessories.

My task is to take one of these looks and bring it alive in our time. McQueen’s resort 2016 collection has an eclectic mix of hemlines, necklines and material but one thing stays true throughout: flower power. My crisp white dress with Japanese flower blossoms and orchids is striking and flattering while remaining elegant and classy. I love the clean lines and geometric cuts of the V-neck, T-strap back and mid length hemline that can pull of both heels and a casual tennis shoe.

When I saw this collection featured flat shoes I was thrilled. Too often we see models tottering down the runway in a theatrical couture costume and heels that should find a home in a museum rather than on a woman’s body. Fashion is art, but it is art that we wear on our bodies and I would like to be able to conquer my day in stride instead of in pain. The oxford style platform shoes shown in this collection are striking and surprisingly masculine, falling perfecting in line with the vintage aspects of the designs. I interpreted this with a personal favorite: the classic Superga lace-up. Comfortable, affordable and slightly more elegant than a basic tennis shoe, they literally ground the look and make it more approachable for the everyday Fashionista.

Now to my favorite part: accessories. McQueen’s accessories for this collection are bold: black belts, dark and chunky jewelry and clutches finished off with vintage rings for handles adorn the models. I went for a softer approach with a gold diamond ring and two-tier gold earrings that pull in the floral feel of the dress. My clutch strays away from the geometric and boxy purses that the models carry, but I love the edgy side the dark chain links bring to this otherwise casual and feminine look.

I will close with something that I always preach to a budding Fashionista: being stylish means knowing what works for you. The model’s hair is harshly pulled back into a bun and their makeup features dark cat-eye liner that doesn’t mix well with my personality or style so I took some artistic licence. I chose softer makeup and let my hair be down and full of volume, a look that is quintessential Sarah.

Remember folks: being yourself is always in style.

Get My Look: 1. Flower print dress. 2. Tennis shoes. 3. Clutch bag.