The spring 2015 Versace couture is one of the most striking collections I have ever seen. It features several very bold monochromatic looks that are innovative in their sheer simplicity. The appeal is not masked in distracting patterns or textures. There is no excessive beading or embroidery. The collection focuses more on form in order to create its effect. Each outfit has skillfully placed cutouts that draw attention to the shape and curves of a woman’s body. In the trail of designers who favor those bold patterns and colors, Versace’s back to basic approach is flawless. In addition, good tailoring and form are the basic of any good garment, and these qualities are so often forgone in modern clothing.

In an effort to recreate the grace, beauty and form that is evidenced in this collection, I opted to go for a monochromatic look that focused on highlighting shape and giving figure. I did this with one of my favorite coats—my Calvin Klein puffer coat that I received as a gift. It is surprisingly warm and perfect for the snowy weather. It also comes with belt loops and a belt to cinch the waist. I switched out the plain belt that came with it for a vintage one that I purchased at a thrift store. I kept the rest of the outfit monochromatic to stay with the collection. I wore black skinny jeans tucked into my favorite knee-high buckled heeled boots. I finished the look with an ombré lip for a stronger effect.

Get My Look: 1. Heeled boots. 2. Coat. 3. Black skinny jeans.