STYLE GURU STYLE: From Summer to Fall

The leaves are beginning to fall, the pumpkin spice flavoring is back and most importantly fall fashion is coming into play. Fall is one of the best seasons for outfits in my opinion because you get to incorporate so many pieces of clothing into one look! Layering becomes a daily occurrence and you can slowly transition your closet to fit the needs of the weather. Say goodbye to sandals and tank tops while welcoming back your boots and sweaters!

But it’s hard to completely put away all of those summer favorites. So instead, why not transition them into your fall favorites! Here I chose to pair one of my favorite go to dresses that I usually wear alone in the summer with a big oversized flannel dress to make it more of a fall look. It is a comfortable, fashionable look that makes it easy to enjoy a full day of classes while still looking my best. The weather hasn’t officially transitioned to a frigid cold, but when it does I can simply add a pair of leggings to stay warm.

I accessorized the look with a multi-layered necklace, which gives the outfit a centerpiece. One necklace would have been a bit too simple for me so instead of tangling myself in many necklaces I chose to wear one with multiple dimensions. For a shoe, I went with the classic fall boot. Fall booties are an easy choice that finishes off any look whether you decide to wear a skirt, dress or pant.

So think twice before you put away all of your summer clothes. Think about what could work as an underneath layer or how you can incorporate it into your fall style. Fashion is all about thinking outside of the box. Whenever I feel like I need some new clothes, I go digging in my closet to pair something new together and all of a sudden I have a brand new outfit!