STYLE GURU STYLE: From Street To Chic

January 27th, 2016 at 2:00am

Who says you can’t be comfortable and look sophisticated at the same time? It’s often that people can’t imagine looking classy while including casual pieces in their look. But especially with the recently rising trend of streetwear fashion, I have been obsessed with coordinating outfits to match some of my current favorite pairs of sneakers. This is especially great for the lazy Fashionistas out there who want to be as comfortable as possible but look put together at the same time.

Inspired by the R.Shemiste spring 2016 collection, I created a look that embodies the streetwear phenomenon coupled with a clean and chic style that represents me. Although this collection was inspired by the ’90s, I was inspired by its simplicity, comfort and the black hat piece used for almost every look. Similar to the R.Shemiste collection, which includes loosely fitted pants and many black and gray colored pieces, I wanted to create an ensemble with similar fitted pieces and color tones but with a more modern interpretation.

Paired with my adidas Stan Smith sneakers, I wore a backpack from Topshop, my favorite black cap from Urban Outfitters and my Stussy men’s crew pullover to represent the laid back nature of my outfit. My pants, in contrast, can be worn formally. I love how these pieces seem like they don’t go together, but that is the most fun aspect of fashion! You can style completely different articles of clothing together in order to create a refreshing, stylish look as a whole.

Get My Look: 1. Gray loosely fitted trousers. 2. White sneakers. 3. Black cap.