STYLE GURU STYLE: From Runways to Rompers

Who doesn’t love a good floral romper for the summer? A romper is by far one of the easiest outfits to pick out, solely because it is the only thing you have to pick out. It is one piece of clothing that is so on trend right now.

For my look here, I took some ideas from Carolina Herrera’s resort 2016 collection. She created so many pieces with the pattern in mind and came up with this floral theme. I love that the collection has so many floral details, but that they aren’t always traditional flowers. Some of the pieces have feathers or abstract looking flowers or just one single flower. Another thing about this collection that I like was the structure of the clothing. So many of the dresses look so free flowing but hang so nicely, while some of the pieces are very structured and formed. She even manages to make one article of clothing achieve both of these looks at the same time.

So, I wanted to translate her runway show into something that anyone could wear or grab out of their own closet. I definitely went for the simplistic and easier version of her outfits but I absolutely love it. I have on a black romper with a floral pattern, of course. The sleeves on it are loose and long giving that look of the flowing fabrics. I think that the structure of the whole thing comes into play here on the top half of the romper. It has this criss-cross V going for the neckline and I think it really just goes well with the shorts and the sleeves.

I like that this outfit could be dressed up or dressed down and worn for any occasion.  Overall, my whole look is my romper with minimal accessorizing going on.  I felt like this outfit was a good mix of dressier and casual and that I didn’t necessarily need over the top accessories. I think this romper stands on it’s own so well, but is also a piece that can be completely changes to anyone person style!

Get My Look: 1. A standout romper. 2.Nude wedges. 3. Simple Earrings.