STYLE GURU STYLE: Fringed Up And Ready To Go

Dark colors, fringe and gold accents are three components to Alexandre Vauthier’s fall 2015 couture line. Launching his line in 2009, Alexandre is a couture designer taking on a Native American theme this fall and giving fringe a whole new image. Vauthier incorporated a lot of playful fabrics into this line including leather. Although using both leather and fringe, these garments are anything but biker babe. Gold sequined dresses and vibrant pink skirts also make up this line with a lot of other great garments. Mimicking these looks this fall will definitely make my semester more enjoyable.

Although fall is right around the corner, we still have quite a few weeks before returning to our stomping grounds (campus), and I couldn’t wait to translate this line into my everyday wear. Running errands is something that we are all familiar with. Some errands are more interesting than others, but I doubt anybody actually enjoys spending their days completing various tasks around town. Stepping out on Monday morning, I decided to give my outfit something extra with a little bit of Vauthier inspiration. Shimmying on my favorite pair of black cigarette pants was a no brainer for the beginning of a very hectic week.

Cigarette pants are on the top of my “favorite pants” list this season. Comfortable yet stylish and professional, these pants fit all of my personal needs. I mean, they’re like the yoga pants of the professional world! I know everybody hopes to own a sparkling sequined top, but sadly I do not. So, trying to incorporate the pops of gold, I decided to put on my favorite mustard crop top. Choosing a crop top allowed me to make this outfit more flirty and young, instead of dressing head to toe in overbearing heavy clothes. After all, it’s still summer, people! Next, I added the fringe. Originally this piece was supposed to act as my beach cover-up, but I like it with this outfit way more than my swim suit! I’m not one for fringe over kill, so the fringed trim let me incorporate this trend without drowning in it. Being pretty satisfied with how my outfit turned out, I figured keeping the shoe simple and minimal was a must. Slipping on my favorite sandals and slopping on some hot pink toe nail polish was all that this outfit needed to be complete. My Monday has never been more simple (or cool).

Get My Look: 1. Cigarette pants. 2. A mustard crop top. 3. A little bit of fringe.