STYLE GURU STYLE: Fringe Lloyd Wright

As the anxiety-filled week that is finals settled in, I found myself scrolling through Vogue.com instead of my nutrition notes. As I looked through the spring 2016 ready-to-wear runway shows, Opening Ceremony stood out to me the most.

Carol Lim and Humberto Leon found inspiration in a source no label has used before: Frank Lloyd Wright. This famous architect is arguably most well-known for his organic style buildings, which include the famous Robie House (a Chicago attraction!) and Fallingwater. These homes were built around their environment instead of over it and include various cantilevers (protruding ceilings connected at only one end) that layer over one another. Lim and Humberto used many of these main themes of Wright’s organic architecture to fuel their collection. Specifically, they imitated these overlaying cantilevers by layering blouses and dresses and finishing the hems with staggered, wide strips that hang down in a fringe-like effect. They continued the geometric theme with several different cutouts in the clothes and boots. Even the significance of the environment was brought into the show by surrounding the runway with hundreds of plants that were replanted afterwards as a part of a New York City program.

To capture Open Ceremony’s themes in my look, I layered a simple ribbed turtleneck with a knit top hemmed with leather fringe. I also incorporated the geometric cutouts in my two-toned suede and leather booties. I also kept the look monochromatic to keep consistent with the styling of the show. Although I wasn’t constantly surrounded by plants, I did wear this all-black outfit to the city, which seems fitting for the environment.

Get My Look: 1. Fringe top. 2. Any layering piece. 3. Cutout shoes.