I’ve been enjoying all the resort 2017 collections, but one that stood out to me the most was the collection from Hugo Boss. It successfully and stylishly combined two of my favorite things: black and fringe. A label famous for its structured, tailored pieces almost similar to that of menswear, the resort collection stays true to their roots while at the same time giving their pieces a touch of femininity. Strategic placement of fringe on some of the coats and slip dresses add movement and animation to the pieces, flattering any figure. The color scheme was muted, featuring black, white and nude with pops of green to lighten things up.

I have a deep affinity for the color black. I will wear it all year long, every day, without shame. However, when it comes to the summer months, I suffer because it’s HOT and my beloved black absorbs heat. For my interpretation of the collection, I stuck with a plain black linen slip dress as a base with a fringed kimono top over it. The breathable fabric of my kimono made wearing a black dress a much less daunting (and sweaty) task. Much like how green was the stand out color for the Hugo Boss collection, the multicolored floral embroidery on the kimono brightens up the look, giving it a kiss of summer vibes. The looks from the show alternate between loafers and sandals, so for my ensemble I decided on black Birkenstocks. Compared to the actual collection which leans towards office wear, my interpretation is more free-flowing minus the structure that is classic with Hugo Boss.

Get My Look: 1. Slip dress. 2. Birkenstocks. 3. Round sunglasses. 4. Fringed kimono.