STYLE GURU STYLE: French Girl Under the Tuscan Sun

I may have spent this past Friday in Monticello, a little village located in Tuscany, Italy, but my outfit accidentally screamed “French girl!’. This is most likely due to the fact that I haven’t been able to get the Chloé spring/summer 2015 runway show out of my mind since I first stalked it online late last September. Since the fashion gods, or whoever it is that decides to torture Fashionistas/os every season, present clothing several months before the weather permits it to be worn, I’ve had a lot of time to crush hard over the collection.

However, similarly to the way I fall in love with beautiful strangers on the street, I knew that the chances of Chloé and me could never truly be. Sadly, I’m a stylish chick on a not-so-stylish college student budget. I had to come to grips that I would have to love the collection from afar, until the time for us to be together was right. All very romantic, isn’t it?

Luckily, not all love is lost. The collection was such a hit that retailers such as Zara and NastyGal replicated certain items I wouldn’t have to stop day and night dreaming about outfits I would be wearing when the weather finally decided to cooperate.

Currently, more affordable stores are offering the same aspects found in the Chloe spring/summer 2015 show. Trends such as gladiator sandals, boho dresses, denim rompers, suede skirts and various items in a beautiful yellow color that, in my eyes, stole the show.

I obsessed over these gladiator sandals for months before purchasing them. Okay, maybe it was only for one month, but it felt like forever because the item kept selling out in my size. Finally, I decided to give in and purchase the magnificent shoe in a half size smaller.

My feet weren’t happy about it at first, but they eventually agreed with me when they realized that these sandals make basically any outfit super stylish.

Get My Look: 1. A pair of gladiator sandals. 2. A white dress. 3. A cool pair of sunglasses.