STYLE GURU STYLE: Four-eyed Friend

STYLE GURU STYLE: Four-eyed Friend

Glasses—once an object only functional as the butt of a joke or a good tease for our four-eyed friends, they are now a trendy and fashionable accessory sweeping the nation.

The trend of glasses as an accessory first came in to style circa 2011. Kids would save their 3D glasses from the movie theater, pop out the lenses and wear them around town as if they were the coolest thing ever. And when I say kids, I mean myself included. But everyone did that, right?

Soon, glasses without lenses weren’t cool and prescription glasses were the newest trend. Everyone wanted real, movie theater style glasses. Your glasses had to be real otherwise you were labeled as fake.

Today, glasses are trendier than ever and can totally transform an outfit. From Forever 21 to ASOS to Prescription Eyewear, everyone sells the latest stylish frames. No one cares if they’re real or fake, just that they’re trendy.

A pair of glasses takes an outfit from blah to bam! Each style creates a different vibe for an outfit. My outfit here consists of a basic white top, a pair of high-waisted shorts, and some black sandals. I have two different pairs of glasses and both add something different to my outfit. The black pair creates a classy and more sophisticated look. On the other hand, the circular pair gives a more retro and old-fashioned vibe. Both are cute, and both are super trendy.

Next time you’re out shopping in the accessory section, skip the jewelry and head straight to the eyewear.