STYLE GURU STYLE: For the Indecisive Winter Months

These cold, winter months are definitely not something that us college students look forward to as we begin classes for the semester. One day it could be 60 degrees and two days later there could be two inches of snow on the ground. Especially in PA, you never know what the weather could do. One difficult thing is determining what is appropriate to wear to class that will help you avoid getting frostbite on the way but won’t make you pour sweat once you get there.

First, leggings are my go-to choice for bottoms on the days where I am rushing to get ready and haven’t figured out if I want to wear an oversized sweater or just a hoodie. (Save the important part for last… right?) In this outfit, you can see I chose a simple gray sweatshirt. This allows me to be able to throw on almost any color of scarf or one of my favorites, a vest. A puffy vest is great for multiple occasions and can be worn on your travels and easily taken off when you get to where you’re going. It is easy to dress up with a pair of khakis and riding boots, but it is also wonderful to throw overtop of a casual outfit.

In order to tame down my lion-mane hair, throwing on a baseball cap can be the perfect lifesaver. It is simple but can also be the item needed to tie an outfit together. Solid caps accent an outfit and allow the other colors to pop. In this instance, the black hat, pants, and vest allow the gray sweatshirt and white shoes to stand out.

The final aspect to this cozy and casual outfit are a pair of sneakers. These are by far my favorite pair of shoes to wear whether I have a full day ahead of me or just have one class to go to. You can only wear winter boots for so long and sneakers like this work well when it is chilly outside but you don’t have to walk through the tundra. They also allow the overall aesthetic to truly become street-style and can be worn with so many different looks.

Casual and comfy outfits like this are perfect to keep you motivated throughout the day but also comfortable enough to be productive. An important thing to remember it just as you stay updated with fashion trends, don’t forget to check the temperature every once in awhile.