Spring and summer are a beautiful time of the year where flowers are blooming and birds are chirping. Flowers are a symbol of change, happiness, warm weather and are overall very fun to wear. I was inspired by Chanel’s resort 2016 collection, as it incorporated a lot of different and colorful patterns. In particular, I loved this look as it incorporated flowers in a more abstract form. It really comes to show that flowers can come in any form, color and size, but it also shows how cute a flower dress can be.

My ensemble, even though less abstract, was inspired by that look. I found this beautiful daisy patterned, navy dress. Navy is such a good color as it’s still classy like black, but it is definitely less aggressive. In addition, the white polka-dots add some flare to the dress and also reveals how a lot patterns can go well together. However, I still had some beloved black pieces as seen in my pair of sandal and in my purse.

The golden details of my jacket, purse, sandals, bracelet and even sunglasses complement the dress and really exhibit a complete outfit overall. My jacket also had some pink flower details on the sleeves, even though unintended, came out perfectly with my theme! As we transition to the summer, flowers and white are a great change and an essential piece for your wardrobe.

Get My Look: 1. A flower patterned sundress. 2. A pair of sandals. 3. A navy jacket.