Hot summer weather is in full swing and that means two things: iced coffee is a must, and floral prints rule the world. Gucci’s Spring 2016 ready-to-wear show featured so many amazing floral dresses, and it inspired me to fill my own closet with them. My wallet may not thank me for my purchases, but my eyes certainly do!

One dress in particular caught my attention from the show–its base color was black and it was decorated with delicate, pink flowers. I love this color and print combination so much, and I knew I had to have something similar. After weeks of searching, I finally found the perfect one, and I was so excited to dress it up!

This dress is very feminine and flows and flutters with every step. I decided to keep my accessories simple so as not to draw attention away from the piece. This black, floppy hat makes the look more classy, while having the added bonus of keeping the sun out of my eyes.

For shoes I wanted to keep things simple and casual, so I opted for my classic, black booties. A shoe this simple, yet classy can tie together any outfit–and they’re so comfortable!

This look is easy, comfortable and looks great for almost every occasion!

Get My Look: 1.Floral dress/romper. 2.Floppy hat. 3.Ankle boots.