May 26th, 2016 at 2:00am

The thought of packing up all your belongings and leaving your beloved friends for the summer can be rather bittersweet. Especially since your wardrobe will be decreasing drastically, as all your college BFFs will no longer be a hallway away for you to swap clothes with. Yes, this is slightly depressing, but not if you use the lack of clothing as a jumpstart for shopping for new summer pieces. Diving into a new season, with new trends may be enough to make you lose all motivation, but I promise that exploring the wide array of summer trends will help you fully gear up for next couple of months.

It’s no surprise that designers and retail platforms put out a plethora of advertisements for this summer’s hottest hits, which makes it that much easier to make your summer wardrobe your own. This summer I have come to the realization that being at college changed my style, for the better that is. I now have a better appreciation for the clothes I buy and wear. I am more apt to try new things. I always loved experimenting with the latest trends, but now I am more aware of the trends I dabble in. I try to make each and everything I wear my own. I like to play into my own style and individuality, which is why summer is the perfect time to experiment. Whether you like to play it safe or be a trend guru the summer is the perfect time to start experimenting.

I myself never used to be big on prints, especially florals, but with the emergence of the floral craze, I found myself becoming more accepting of the long-beloved trend. Florals have always been a way to tap into a girly playful side, but that wasn’t how I wanted to showcase the trend. Instead, I was inspired by Alexander McQueen’s spring 2016 ready-to-wear collection. The florals were subtle and soft, which I liked. In a way they spoke for themselves. Having a bit of an edgier style, I was able to really play up the softness of the floral print dress and contrast it with a few edgier pieces. The black booties and the black leather fringed cross-body were the perfect pieces to round out my look. The contrasting styles boded well with my personality, as the look had an overall flirty, yet dark aesthetic, which was very fitting.

Being unique and creative is what fashion is all about. What your wearing begins to speak largely of your character, only if you tailor your look to reflect your own personality. This is something I’ve grown to embrace. I have found that adding your own personal touch to a rather overlooked trend can be a great key to starting any season off right.

With that being said, I encourage each and every Fashionista out there to use the summer as a pivotal point in amping up their wardrobe and showcasing their true self!

Get My Look:  1. Floral Dress. 2. Fringe Cross-Body. 3. Black Booties.