STYLE GURU STYLE: Florals for Summer

Erdem Moralioglu’s looks from the resort 2016 show highlight various floral patterns and applique that makes an otherwise kitschy outfit high fashion. The pairing of well draped material and structured bodices create an interesting mesh of feminine beauty and geometrical coolness. Although some of these looks might be a bit overwhelming for everyday wear there are ways to incorporate kitschy florals into your own summer styles.

There are plenty of off the rack floral shirts and blouses you could purchase full price at your favorite retail store, but why settle for the standard this season when you could find a unique print at a local thrift store? Floral prints have been around for centuries, and while you might not find a frock from the Victorian era there’s bound to be a vintage print that’s just right. As always when shopping at any thrift store be sure to check the quality of the item before purchasing since most stores won’t accept returns.

The satin throw I’m wearing in this outfit was a never worn housecoat that was probably a well-intended gift nixed a month later. The beauty of thrifting is what someone may deem unfashionable can easily become someone else’s prized piece. The floral print is not too loud and blends well with the teal background, which makes it good for a casual day. The pattern may be perfect, but the throw completely lacks shape as it was meant only for comfortable house lounging. This is where a thin, neutral belt comes in handy. The look now has some shape and the belt doesn’t clash with the vibrancy of the florals. Complete the look with a dark pant and comfy flats for the Miranda Priestly seal of approval.

Get My Look: 1. Any oversized floral throw. 2. Neutral waist belt. 3. Neutral undershirt.