STYLE GURU STYLE: Floral in the Sand

Going to see the sunset on the beach in springtime is beautiful. The weather is the perfect mix of warmth and wind. I love to wear floral prints in the spring, no matter where I am going, so it is only fitting that I wear them to beach.

Kate Sylvester’s spring 2015 collection is where I got my inspiration for this outfit. In her collection, she accentuates delicate floral patterns and breathable fabrics. Sylvester is known for her playful color scheme and prints and it is apparent in this collection. When scrolling through the runway looks, I found a few dresses and pieces that could be used as cover-ups at the beach. One of my favorite pieces is a see through button-up dress that would look amazing over a swim suit. I also loved the mixture of floral shorts, bralette and blazer that completed one of her looks. With the use of delicate florals, light and airy fabrics, and subtle pops of color, she created the perfect spring looks that would go hand in hand with the beach.

For this outfit, I decided to go with a pop of color; a green floral skirt. To contrast with the skirt, I wore a black halter top and a teal necklace and earrings. To make the outfit flow, I wore a light and breathable white cardigan. In addition to the teal accessories, I wore another gold necklace with a white charm, my favorite pair of aviator sunglasses, and a dainty geometric ring. By wearing breathable fabrics, playful colors and a delicate floral pattern, I was able to create an outfit inspired by Kate Sylvester’s collection.

Get My Look: 1. Skirt. 2. Cardigan. 3. Halter top.

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