I’ve never been one to dress on the feminine side, but with florals making a comeback in a new and reinvented way, I’ve decided to embrace the trend. Elie Saab created an incredible spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection. Leaning toward the darker sider with lots of black, lace and floral hues introduced in a different way, Elie Saab wowed me.

I embraced this look with my new favorite floral romper. Still donned in mostly black, this outfit fell right in my comfort zone. We were going out for a little GNO in New York City, so comfortable heels were a must. These lace-up booties don’t necessarily scream summer, but I loved mixing the textures, from the romper to the wool fedora and the leather shoes.

I am absolutely in love with the Ora Delphine bag that helped tie this look together. Released a few seasons ago, it has been my go-to bag, and I love the way it brought out the colors in my romper. The hat truly “topped it off.” Not to be cliche, but I am in love with wide-brimmed hats. They elevate any look to a completely new level, and I highly encourage giving them a try! Finally, one of my favorite aspects of this look are my new Knockaround sunnies! High-low dressing, meaning mixing pricey items with less expensive ones, creates diversity and conversation about an outfit. These sunglasses are only 20 dollars, which almost makes me want to buy them in every color.

Get My Look: 1. A fun floral romper. 2. A floppy fedora. 3. A bright, oversized satchel.