When it comes to ’70s trends, who better than Diane von Furstenberg to encompass such trends in new, modern world? Not only did Diane Von Furstenberg’s resort 2016 collection include her famous wrap dress, but it also included other ’70s trends, such as wide-legged pants and ruffled blouses. DVF contrasted these looks with the use of color that is more of a 2010s fashion forward trend; what I’m referring to is the use of bright, almost neon colors, which are used in the color palette for the handbags of each look.

The look that inspired me the most is in Look two. Here, the model is wearing a black-laced, ruffle blouse; high-waisted, wide-legged pants and a bright red cross-body bag. The color palette of this silhouette is more reminiscent of the retro ’70s look, so I wanted to liven up my outfit with a more summer forward look. This was accomplished with the use of a floral print pant and a white blouse. This change in color makes all the difference! These fabrics are key indicators of summer; hence, making my outfit perfect for any summertime look. Then, as inspired by DVF’s collection, I chose a bright pink bag, which brings out the hues of pink that are found in my floral pants. Lastly, I wore a wooden wedge as an homage to the ’70s, as well as to summer.

Get My Look: 1. A lace ruffled blouse. 2. Floral wide-legged pants (preferably high-waisted, as well). 3. A brightly colored cross-body bag.