July 16th, 2015 at 2:00am

When it comes to fashion this season, the top trends that I have seen are floral prints and nudes color palettes. This show has brought both together brilliantly. The fashion show I gained my inspiration from was Michael Kors’ spring 2015 fashion show. The bold floral patterns caught my eye more than anything, especially the pink and green floral print dress that has the cutout. The way that he mixed the bold patterns with the subtle colors makes every piece in the collection easy to wear.

In some cases, too much floral can be an eye sore. Unlike on the runway, a floral suit might not be a go-to outfit for some. Too many bright colors on a regular day may not be for everyone. So with this look, I kept the print and color to a minimum, with just the jacket. But what I love about this look is the bright colors that make the jacket a standout piece. The best thing to remember when bringing a style from off the runway into everyday wear is that sometimes less is more.

Floral is, by far, my favorite trend! The bold colors mixed with the different flower prints scream spring and summer. These colors are what define spring and summer fashion. The floral trend can also be worn year-round. With a cooler color palette, such as burgundy, violet or navy blue, floral can be worn all the time.

Get My Look: 1. Floral blazer. 2. White top. 3. High-waisted blue jeans.