STYLE GURU STYLE: Flirty in Florals

The great thing about florals is that they can transcend the seasons. Although spring is a thing of the past, the print is still alive and well during the hot summer months. To avoid being too cliché, I love to experiment with florals in unexpected, or at least less conventional, ways. Thus, I will try to choose a floral print short, headband or even a funky shoe. I also typically opt for more muted or simple color palettes when choosing florals, to avoid having the entire color wheel thrown together on one garment. Combined with the detail of the print, this can often make for an overwhelming combination.

For my look, inspired by the floral and sheer details of Thakoon’s 2016 resort collection, the obvious focal point of my outfit is the floral shorts. This collaboration of bold and toned-down hues caught my eye and gave my look a bit of an edge. The black base and peach accents create that striking pop of color without being too pretentious and also allowed me to play with a more romantic color scheme. While keeping the attention on the shorts, I paired them with a sheer, cream-colored blouse that complements the lace trim of the bottoms. Did I mention I love lace? I am a sucker for matching understated detail, and that is exactly what I did with the lace pattern. It appears more subtly in my black halter bralette, giving the look a breezy, feminine touch. This small but powerful piece can be worn under a variety of tops and dresses to create another eye-catching element in an ensemble. Who knew an undergarment could be your next accessory?

Get My Look: 1. A pair of floral print shorts. 2. A sheer, flowy blouse. 3. A halter bralette.