From the moment I saw Chloé’s spring 2015 collection, I completely fell in love. The color palette was so colorful yet so soft at the same time. The drapery and the flow of each garment was like being in a dream since the designs were so effortless in each move, very elegant and delicate that it made you feel like floating around. It was the perfect combination of the boho trend with elegancy.

I really enjoyed mimicking this trend since I am a strong believer of the quote “less is best.” I wore a white lace dress from Topshop with spaghetti straps just like some of the designs from Chloé. Although it did not have as much as drapery, the dress I chose to wear still kept that effortless element that was present throughout Chloé’s collection, as well as a boho type of look. I matched the dress with some red espadrilles since it resembles the most famous shoes of the collection, the gladiator shoes, that also combined with the red lipstick I am wearing. I chose red because it made a lovely contrast from the white dress and because it’s one of my favorite colors! I decided not to put much makeup since I wanted to keep that natural and effortless style just as seen on the runway.

This trend worked perfect today since it finally seemed that summer has arrived here in London, and it was such a breeze to wear such a delicate and suave outfit.

Get My Look: 1. A white lace dress. 2. Gladiator or espadrilles shoes. 3. A nude bracelet.