STYLE GURU STYLE: Flannels and Stripes

When someone says “Juicy Couture,” automatically all one can picture are the most comfortable sweatpants and a matching hoodie. Along with these sweatpants and jackets come bejeweled and sparkly products. When one looks at the fall 2015 ready-to-wear Juicy Couture line, one will now think differently. This line offers printed dresses with knee-high socks and heels to go along with them. The show also consisted of leather jackets and printed bomber jackets. Alongside the different looks Juicy Couture has given us to view, Juicy Couture would not forget to show us their popular tracksuits people cannot seem to live with out. These tracksuits, however, were not the usual suits we see. The matching tracksuit that stood out to me was purple with a black and white paisley print. The suit was paired with a blue bomber jacket with a fur trim and high heels.

Today, I decided to get out of my comfort zone and not wear all-black. I incorporated the look that consisted of light blue ripped jeans with a shirt tied around the hips. The look also involved a white shirt with a design on it. The model wore a black and white striped bomber jacket. The accessories to go along with the ensemble included a bubblegum pink purse and black heels with black socks.

My outfit consists of a pair of blue ripped jeans with a button-down flannel, which I tied around my waist. Instead of a white shirt, I decided that I would wear my J.Crew gray T-shirt. There are stripes on the center of the shirt. On top of my T-shirt, I threw on my black bomber jacket to keep myself warm. To make myself feel like I was a part of the Juicy Couture line, I am wearing my favorite black lace-up heels that I wear with all my outfits.

The Juicy Couture fall 2015 show consisted of many different looks that inspired me to move away from all the black I wear.

Get My Look: 1. A pair of blue ripped jeans. 2. A button-down flannel. 3. A black bomber jacket.