STYLE GURU STYLE: Festival Fashion

During the pre-fall 2015 line-up, we saw a lot of bright floral patterns set against a dark background. I love the contrast of having a colorful floral design on top of a bold black. I find it’s a twist on the normally light, delicate floral patterns we’re used to seeing during the warmer months. Plus, these darker florals are easy to transition into the fall months and even wear all year round. The pre-fall 2015 collection for Antonio Marras displayed a sea of colourful, floral prints against a black background. The collection included both casual and dressier pieces in this trend, showing how you can take these dark florals from day to night. Ellie Saab also jumped on this trend. Models for the pre-fall 2015 collection have been seen in everything from dresses to skirts to tops in intricate, darker florals.

I’ve always been a huge fan of florals and since black is my trademark color, I am loving this trend. This outfit was very inspired by festival fashion. I’m a complete concert junkie and I love spending my summer hanging out at different music festivals and concerts. I decided to go with this dark floral-printed kimono because it’s different from the lighter color palettes we’re used to seeing during the summer. By pairing it with a simple black dress, it let’s the floral do the talking and also builds on the edgy vibe of the darker colors.

No outfit of mine would be complete without some standout accessories. One of the first things you see in this outfit is my massive black flower crown. Headpieces have been picking up a lot of momentum on the runway recently. For their fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection, A.F. Vandervorst released a jaw-dropping collection of edgy, punk inspired pieces complete with gorgeous headpieces. This collection proved that a headpiece can really be the final touch to an outfit that takes it from boring to knockout. I think my flower crown ties in perfectly with the floral pattern of my kimono and adds to the edgy vibe I was trying to create.

I finished off this look with a pair of heart-shaped sunglasses to give it a fun, carefree feel. This look is pretty dramatic, so I love the playfulness of differently shaped sunglasses. By adding a simple long necklace and a pair of basic, black sandals I made this look less costume-y and more wearable for events other than just concerts. Overall, I felt like a fierce bohemian princess and have found my new obsession in obnoxious flower crowns.

 Get My Look: 1. Dark Printed Floral Kimono. 2. Basic Dress. 3. Large Flower Crown.