No matter what the dress code may be, getting dressed for a full day of work is always a challenge. Working in fashion is known to be unpredictable; no two days are alike, and most days consist of a lot of (literal) running around in the sweltering heat mixed with hunching over a computer in a freezing office. As per most situations in life, this presents quite a sartorial conundrum. Fortunately, Derek Lam proved that he understood this challenge better than anyone—and his resort 2016 collection was proof.

Consisting primarily of flowing skirts and tunics, Lam’s collection was a treasure trove for stylish comfort seekers everywhere. The mix of elegant black and white with fun, bright colors provided a variety of colors to inspire on any given day. While the silhouettes were relaxed and casual, Lam created a structure in each piece that made the collection a perfect inspiration for every working girl looking to stay comfortable while still impressing their boss.

Taking a cue from Lam’s latest, I tried out the look of the collection for myself. For the main piece of my outfit, I chose a white tunic with slits down the side. Over top, I layered a long vest to give the look a bit of the structure of Lam’s collection. My culottes added to the relaxed feel of my outfit while still maintaining a look of professionalism. To finish the look, I kept it simple by adding a pair of chunky nude heels and a classic handbag.

Getting dressed for work can be nearly as stressful as work itself—but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re looking to find that perfect mix of comfort and style, look no further than Derek Lam’s resort 2016 collection. With a stunning combination of relaxed and structured silhouettes, Lam proves that feeling as good as you look doesn’t have to be a distant dream.

Get My Look: 1. Flowing tunic. 2. Structured vest. 3. Culottes.