Living in New York City, us Fashionistas/os need to be dressed and prepared for anything. The ultimate struggle that we face is finding the perfect outfit to transition from daytime activities to night. When I wake up in the morning I make it my goal to approach how I style myself in a way that I can play off both occasions effortlessly.

Lately I have become obsessed with focusing on one specific color or palette to show a certain level of sophistication, blended with casual accessories to make the perfect balance. Think of it this way, if you add the perfect blend of blue and red, you’ll eventually get the exact shade of purple that you want. For this article, I decided to base my outfit around my personal favorite color, blue!

My style generally revolves around one color palette, which is usually based on earth tones. My dress is a denim styled tunic from Zara, which has been super hot this summer. The oversized feel of the dress mixed with the flowy fabric makes for a very flattering fit. I paired the dress with a pair of light grey lace-up sandals from Free People to give a flattering tight feel to my legs to balance the out the baggy. To finish off my outfit, I paired my favorite accessories of this summer. The sunglasses are from Prada and I have been in LOVE with these since the day I bought them. The cat eye shape gives me exactly the sassy, stylish look I want without having a flashy, cheap look. My bag is from MZ Wallace and paired with my dress it finishes off the perfect vibe for a day of shopping and ending it off with a nice dinner.

My outfit was inspired by Burberry’s spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection, which showcases a large variety of outfits that hold the perfect balance of streetwear and chic. The line is built on the basis of couture-inspired gowns matched with pearl white tennis shoes with a gum sole, which is ultimately what gives me my ideas for dressing up day to day.

Get My Look: 1. Any tunic-like dress. 2. A pair of lace-up sandals. 3. A pair of chic sunglasses. 4. MZ Wallace tote.