STYLE GURU STYLE: Fearless in Metallic

Fashion week! It makes my heart pound and mouth drop seeing the beautiful couture coming from Paris! Perhaps I see myself as Cinderella wishing to go to a ball but that ball is instead fashion week in my daydream! Upon reaching that ball I would step into my lace, fur, flower like dress made by none other than Ellie Saab. Ellie Saab’s spring 2015 couture line is simply breathtaking! Sexy in silhouette but elegant in style, the dresses were sweeping the runway like flower petals. It reminds me of old Hollywood glamour in modern times. The simplicity of solid colors and the details and embellishments on these gowns create not just a dress, but also a work of art. And that is what I see on the runway—pure creativity and majestic beauty.

For this look I was inspired by Saab’s show and wanted to wear something totally about glam and glitz. Getting dolled up and wearing something dressier was so much fun! I am a woman who loves black so almost every outfit I wear incorporates black! I couldn’t leave the store without buying this metallic maxi skirt. It was different and eye popping—an item that would expand my closet for sure. A lot of sultry grays were seen in Saab’s gowns so I tried to work off the skirt and accent it. But then while I was shopping I found this fur coat! I got it on a super sale and that just made it even better! It truly encompassed Hollywood glamour and brought this outfit all together!

I love this outfit so much and will wear it to a special occasion or just wear the fur coat with some high socks while I am dancing and singing in my room. Nevertheless, I took glam and put a spin on it with my dark lipstick, a deep V bodysuit and high pony braid putting an edgier vibe to the look. Feeling beautiful and powerful in what you’re wearing is the most important! Be fearlessly authentic!

Get My Look: 1.Must have maxi metallic skirt. 2. Fantastic fur coat. 3. Black body suit.