STYLE GURU STYLE: Fashion In The Workplace

Let’s face it, figuring out what to wear for the office is hard stuff. You have to find the perfect outfit that meets your workplace’s standards of professionalism, but you also have to make sure that it’s comfortable for you and satisfies your personal taste.

Thanks to Topshop Unique, our worries of finding that perfect workplace outfit are gone. I found my perfect workplace outfit in the Topshop Unique spring 2016 ready-to-wear collection. This collection consisted of many different patterns, such as polka-dots, and focused a lot on menswear, such as blazers and button-down shirts.

I recreated this business casual look because I simply loved it. The blue blazer and button-down shirt are what gives the outfit a masculine look, but the tied belt, polka-dot pants, red lips and red and blue heels are what makes the whole ensemble scream feminism.

When I recreated this look, I wanted to make it fit more of my personal style. My taste is trendy, but simple and subtle. With that said, I buckled my belt in the simplest style instead of tying it into a bow. Also, the polka-dots on my jeans are much smaller as compared to the polka-dots on the runway look because as I said before, my style is subtle. Another change in my recreation are my white heels. I felt like the American flag when I originally tried on my red heels with this outfit. Therefore, to tone things down a bit and to make the outfit more appropriate for the workplace, I completed the ensemble with white heels.

Get My Look: 1. Navy blue jacket. 2. Blue button-down shirt. 3. Blue polka-dot jeans.