July 23rd, 2015 at 2:00am

Valentino’s fall 2015 show is an extremely unique line for the simple fact that it incorporates the laid back bohemian style into very fancy evening wear. A lot of the pieces are elaborate gowns that are very flowy and have many layers. They have billowy sleeves, subtle lace trim or detailing, beading and high necklines—all things that are typical of the modern day boho style. In addition, most of the dresses are paired with strappy gladiator sandals, which are basically a must-have for any boho look.

After browsing through the show, I got to thinking about how I could translate Valentino’s unique trend into my everyday style. It just so happened that I had a fairly formal dinner to attend that night, so it was the perfect opportunity to scout my closet and try transitioning casual boho to evening wear!

I started with the dress. I searched my closet for something that was flowy and could be worn for evening wear. Most of the Valentino dresses were black and floor length, but I felt that a shorter hemline with a hint of color and pattern was more appropriate for my lifestyle and the occasion. I thought this green and black printed dress was perfect. It’s very boho because of the loose fit, billowy sleeves and subtle print, but paired with the right accessories, I saw it working for a more formal event. Next, I chose the necklace. Basically, all of the Valentino looks were paired with large bohemian-inspired necklaces, so I knew I definitely wanted to include one in my look, as well. This silver statement piece really dresses up the outfit and maintains the boho vibe with the layered detailing and dangling coins. I chose to make my outfit just a little more formal by adding a pair of black platform wedges with some caged detail. Finally, I threw on two of my favorite silver rings just so I didn’t feel naked when I left the house with nothing on my fingers, and I was good to go!

Boho is usually my go-to daytime style. It’s casual, easy and comfortable, and I love the effortless vibe it gives. However, I never really felt it was possible to maintain my boho style for more formal evening looks. The Valentino fall 2015 show inspired me to try it out, and it turned out to be so simple and cute!

Get My Look: 1. A casual flowy dress. 2. A boho-inspired statement necklace. 3. Black heels or wedges.