STYLE GURU STYLE: Falling for Fringe

I absolutely could not get enough of Sonia Rykiel’s spring 2015 ready-to-wear runway show. The earthy colors combined with sleek cuts made for a stylish and simple look. Rykiel used modest patterns and colors such as olive green, crème, deep reds, navy and royal blue, gray, brown and black to create an earthy vibe that radiated from her garments. The two main attributes of her runway looks were horizontal stripes, used in almost every outfit and, of course, fringe.

This look was a personal favorite of mine. I loved the appearance so much that I used it as a muse for my own outfit. My fringed crème sweater echoes the model’s fringe-covered cropped sweater. I used this poncho-like piece as the staple of my inspiration when pulling together pieces of my outfit because I loved that it made a statement. The wonderful thing about runway fashion is that it is easy to find inspiration within the pieces and alter them so they fit your own personal style. As you can see, my sweater obviously has fewer and thinner fringes than the model’s top. This is because I tailored it to fit my laid-back style, appropriate for a college student.

My olive green leggings resonate with the colors used in Sonia Rykiel’s runway look. I chose a gold and red beaded necklace to pair with the leggings and sweater, which reiterated the boho-vibe that was shown in Rykiel’s show. The appropriate use of fringe, as well as pairing dark green and denim, gave the runway look an easy-going and down-to-earth impression that I wanted to showcase in my own outfit.

Get My Look: 1. The perfect fringed sweater 2. Olive green leggings 3. Simple layered necklace.