The holiday season is approaching, and it’s bringing the cold weather with it. For Fashionistas, this means piling on the warm layers to complete their fabulous looks. However, there is still time to get away with a few layers that will still keep you warm. Currently, I am obsessed with this look. All my friends could back me up when I say I have worn this to a few too many occasions already. It is a simple outfit to put together but is totally adorable. Plus, who doesn’t love fall florals?

I started out my outfit with this boho dress that is surprisingly made of a thicker material. I decided to wear a halter lace bralette underneath to give the dress a pop without taking away from the crossed lace neckline. Since the weather is getting colder, I decided to layer underneath with black wool tights to keep my legs warm when walking outside. The heel boots I am wearing are my absolute favorite pair. Not only do I grow three inches when I put them on, but the leather is the perfect way to dress up an outfit. Finally, I put in my signature diamond earrings and a red headband Blair Waldorf would approve of. The overall look is simple and chic, perfect for a midweek get together or a late night dinner.

To complete this look when it becomes even colder, I would recommend throwing on a beige jacket to offset all the black. I currently have a faux fur coat stored in my closet begging to be worn. Once the temperature drops a bit more, you can guarantee I will be throwing it over this outfit.

Be sure to check in with me next month for a more winter friendly outfit perfect for the holidays!