STYLE GURU STYLE: Everything is Blue

Looking back at my childhood wardrobe, everything is blue. Baby blues of the sky, powder, periwinkle, and serenity were purchased by my mother to match my eyes. I’m often told that it’s my color, and that really rings true to my heart and soul. That’s why I’ve adorned myself in various shades of blue in this look.

Blue is typically associated with emotions of sadness. “Colors” by Halsey became my favorite song (and inspired the theme of this look) when I realized how the lyrics told the story of my life. “You were red and you liked me because I was blue. You touched me and suddenly I was a lilac sky, and you decided purple just wasn’t for you.”

When serenity and rose quartz were chosen as the colors of 2016, I knew that it was going to be my year to forget what anyone else ever thought and to express myself and my style in a way that truly made me happy.

I set the foundation of this look with a gel manicure that changes from light blue when I’m cold to white when I’m warm. I’m always cold, and it’s always blue. This pair of powder blue lace-up heels connected with my eyes and drew me in to try them on. The delicate strings that lace up my legs create a graceful, ballet look that really speaks to my feminine aesthetic.

On that very same trip to the mall, I fell in love with this pale blue cropped turtleneck. Like most millennial girls, I’m loving the crop top/high-waisted trend. I had to add a focal point to contrast against the different shades of light blue, so I slipped on this navy blue skater skirt.

Adding some accessories to really make the look pop, I slid on some chunky blue beaded bracelets. The Alex and Ani anchor bracelet hold true to the nautical vibe my wardrobe puts out. I matched it with an Alex and Ani expandable beaded bracelet and whale tale ring wrap. On my left hand, where most right-handed people would wear a watch, I wear a Wanderer bracelet with the latitude and longitude of Lewes, Delaware. It’s a small beach town in which I was born and raised. I wear this bracelet to remind me of home, where my heart still lies. I’ve had this necklace with my name on it since I was a child, and it’s only fitting that it has a blue stone in it as if it were predestined to go with this outfit as well. To cap off this outfit, I added a dad hat from the student-run fashion magazine, UDress, which I am a part of.

Find a color that rings true to you, whether it matches your eyes or just speaks to your soul. It’d be a nifty fashion challenge to coordinate several shades of it in the same outfit!