STYLE GURU STYLE: Every Girl Needs Noir

March 1st, 2017 at 2:00am
STYLE GURU STYLE: Every Girl Needs Noir

Noir was once only accessible by the elite, cultivating a culture of power, elegance, and exclusivity. The contouring agents of the dark silhouette give me a feeling of entitlement, it allows me to walk confidently into any room and evoke everyone’s stares. The sophistication and that bit of allure that I exude through my all-black attire makes me fearless to the world. Wouldn’t you agree? Have you ever understood the beauty in the funeral shade? Yet a consistent slayed outfit resulted. You can’t doubt it! So I’m encouraging—better yet daring you—to appreciate black as much as I do.

Considering it as my favorite color would be dramatic, but it is one that never seems to fail me. Stuck in a frenzy of last minute plans and not being able to find anything to fit the mood of the day, I can say the chic, all-black ensemble is as reliable as they come. I don’t suggest you to completely trade all your colorful clothing and become a modern day black panther like myself, but hear me out, black staple pieces are essential and useful for any magnificent wardrobe.

As a New Yorker, I have grown to see the comfort of this versatile dark shade. Busy city life and dirty train seats drain, but black helps to easily convert a fashionable, running-to-the-showroom look into an unexpected, ready-to-wear, edgy get-up for any after hours event. It gives me the advantage of blending in and being unpredictably prepared for the many different atmospheres my beautiful, big city throws at me. Adding on accessories is the trick behind the facade, so do not fret. 

With February being the coldest month of the season, maintaining warmth is the biggest priority after being en vogue of course. Although recently the weather has been fluctuating in the city, darker shades are known to keep you the warmest. So for those confusing warm winter days, I suggest a high-waisted, black, ripped-knee jean with a striped, washed, black, funnel neck, and a leather pair of premium Chelsea boots suitable for class or work. Of course you can’t forget your essential accessories that spice up any outfit. I never leave without my aviator flat-lens shades because they never fail me. 

One challenge that a Fashionista may commonly go through is time management. Altering the perfect outfit minutes before expected time at the scene is the real reason why we are always fashionably late. Black is one that can shadow any color you pair it with, and layering various tints of intense colors together adds a mysterious enhancement to your day with little to no time. Dark pieces are a wardrobe’s life saver and it is one I personally can not imagine living without.