STYLE GURU STYLE: Eternal Addiction

I bought my first Juicy Couture top the summer before my junior year of high school. Ever since, my incurable addiction has only continued to grow. Over the years, I acquired Juicy Couture shoes, jewelry, purses, dresses and even one of their oh so famous track suits. Needless to say, my addiction isn’t going away anytime soon and it seemed only fair that for my last article of the summer I discuss the one designer brand that has fueled my love of fashion.

Perhaps I’m a little biased in the matter, but Juicy Couture’s 2015 spring collection is absolutely perfect. The looks were composed of varied color and design but maintained true Juicy Couture style without coming across as unorganized.

One look in particular, however, caught my attention. The outfit consisted of a button-up shirt, jeans, trench coat, small purse and cute sandals. This look is pretty classic and easy for any girl to mimic.

Since cooler weather is around the corner, I tried to make this look more applicable for fall. Instead of wearing a floral button shirt like the model, I switched in one with a leopard print. Leopard is always extremely popular in fall and will no doubt continue to be for many years to come.

The trench coat is no doubt a classic and timeless piece, but due to the fact that it is still around a hundred degrees outside, I left it out. I chose a pair of my favorite jeans in a versatile wash with a flare cut to show off my shoes a little. While the model wore a pair of flat sandals, I couldn’t help but go for a pair of five inch heeled sandals.

To accessorize I kept it simple. I picked my solid red purse because I knew it would stand out next to my leopard top. For jewelry, I stuck with only my Juicy Couture hoops due their ability to make a statement and somewhat subtly represent my favorite brand.

Get My Look: 1. Button up top. 2. Jeans. 3. Solid colored purse.