STYLE GURU STYLE: Estudiar en España

For the month of July, I am studying abroad at the University of Salamanca in Spain. Before embarking on my journey to a different country, I took to looking at runway shows of Spanish designers. My personal favorite was the Balenciaga Resort 2016 Collection. Even though I’m not technically on vacation, this collection caught my attention by showing me the necessities to bring on my excursion.

Salamancans waltz around the streets in their most heat resistant, yet fashionable clothing. In a place that experiences nine months of winter and three months of an overwhelmingly hot summer, flowy pants, jumpsuits and dresses are the custom. The fashion, or “la moda,” is full of bright summer colors right now. Locals, tourists, and students from other countries blend together in a sea of yellow and white clothing. In Balenciaga’s collection, white proves to be predominate. The resort collection showcases white pants, dresses and skirts contrasted with other colors.

My personal favorite from the show is the flowy printed pants in a black and white floral pattern. I packed a similar pair in my suitcase and tucked a yellow tank top into them to balance out the lighter white of the pants and contrast the black. Yellow is a color on the Spanish flag and it is also a bright and fun summer color to wear. Playing off the lighter theme of this look, I slipped on gold flats to reflect the hot sun and complete my look. The neutral colors of the pants and flats allow for any jewelry to be worn as well. I kept with the light bright and neutral tone of the outfit with my gold and black double finger ring, a leopard finger cuff, a gold necklace, my Saint Jude bracelets and my Alex and Ani’s.

Get My Look: 1. Flowy pants. 2. Bright-colored tank top or blouse. 3. Shiny flats. 4. Double finger ring. 5. St. Jude Bracelets. 6. Gold necklace. 7. Leopard finger cuff. 8. Any Alex and Ani bangles.