STYLE GURU STYLE: Equestrian Summer


I was intrigued by an equestrian theme that was prevalent throughout Tory Burch’s Fall 2016 ready-to-wear runway show. While watching this event, I appreciated how such an iconic, designer brand was able to create a unique collection that greatly appealed to New Yorkers. With hints of horsegirl-inspired trimmings and several experimentations of colorblocking, Tory Burch’s collection certainly tests a different style from what urban Fashionistas are used to. Rather than sporting black and white looks, Tory Burch encourages her customers to play with innovative colorways and prints for the summertime and the upcoming autumn season.

I don’t own any equestrian-inspired clothing, though I am always willing to try new looks. My featured outfit was inspired from this collection. Although it is the summertime, I wanted to include cognac knee-high riding boots to resonate with Tory Burch’s equestrian theme. I decided to build my outfit from bottom-up by pairing heavier footwear with lightweight fabrics up top. With this in mind, I styled my boots with a long sleeved, paisley and floral printed romper with shorts and a funky, contrasting printed scarf. This balances my outfits as the shorts allow for leg exposure, keeping this outfit appropriate for warm weather.

Unlike my other featured looks, I did not wear any additional, heavy layers and focused on adding accessories. Each piece would complement my outfit and my own twist on an equestrian theme. For quick summer errands or days out, I added a small brown cross-body bag to carry my necessities. To keep cool, I layered two gold necklaces and gold bracelets. On my opposite wrist, I color-blocked my romper with a red wrap-around bracelet. To top off this look, I added sunglasses to keep comfortable in the scorching summer sun.

Get My Look: 1. Printed romper. 2. Contrasting printed scarf. 3. Riding boots. 4. Matching cross-body bag. 5. Sunglasses.