As the end of summer approaches, the hot weather cools down and Fashionistas/os across the nation begin to gradually cover up. The days where shorts were a go-to summer staple are long gone as you resurrect your favorite fall staples. I recently took inspiration from the new T by Alexander Wang fall 2015 ready-to-wear show. He showcased the hot goth trend outside of its infamous color, black. Wang’s collection was able to give life and edge to everyday clothing. It took the bore out of boring and switched it with amazing.

I resonated with Wang’s concept for my outfit. By still playing with gothic concepts like the long black slit shirt, I managed to incorporate color into my look while still maintaining this gothic vibe. My high-rise blue denim pants incorporate that lack of color my outfit had. The blue hues from my jeans accentuate the dark black of my top and shoes. Contrasted to the overall gothic look is my white cross-body bag. This bag feminizes my outfit. The gothic ambiance that my look gives off is not muted, but lowered by the construction and color of my cross-body bag. To top off my look, I decided to add simple tiered necklaces. Although the tribal aesthetic that is found in my necklaces may contradict the gothic vibe of my outfit, it actually complements it perfectly because it adds a sense of dimension and put-togetherness to the overall outfit.

Get My Look: 1. Black T-shirt. 2. Blue jeans. 3. Necklaces. 4. Cross-body bag.