STYLE GURU STYLE: Embroidered Bomber Jackets

STYLE GURU STYLE: Embroidered Bomber Jackets

Since the moment I caught a glimpse of Gucci Resort 2017‘s runway looks, I have not been able to get the jackets out of my head. This show was filled with mind blowing detailed outerwear, dresses and statement jewelry. However, the decorated denim and bomber jackets were a look that I have been dying to try. Both male and female models alike rocked these eye-catching jackets, bringing a modern flare to a look that has been around since the 1920s.

I was feeding my online shopping addiction when I came across the perfect olive green bomber jacket. The military-inspired color combined with numerous vintage patches on the front and on the sleeves immediately reminded me of some of the Gucci jackets I had seen on the male models and I knew I had to have it. With school right around the corner, a lightweight jacket that matches just about any autumn-toned outfit is a staple piece. If I’m going to dread going to class, at least I can look forward to getting dressed in the morning, am I right?

The awesome thing about this trend is that it can go with any Fashionista’s personal style or look they dare to try that day. The silky windbreaker feel and varsity jacket look can fit right in with a sporty casual look, but could be paired with a skirt and some heels to keep an outfit feminine yet grunge. I went for that grunge look here by pairing the jacket with a leather bandeau top, high-waisted black shorts and the forever stylish Dr. Martens’ boots. The jacket and the combat boots mimic the menswear looks from the Gucci collection, while the shorts and crop top allow you to stay cool on a warm summer night. The bold patches can easily spice up and give some color to a classic black outfit. You can find a pre-patched jacket like I did on numerous retail websites or you can make it completely unique by finding your own patches to iron or sew onto a plain jacket. Any way you dress it up, these jackets are the bomb.com!

Get my look: 1. Patched bomber jacket. 2. Leather bandeau top. 3. Dr. Martens boots.