STYLE GURU STYLE: Effortlessly Madewell

Madewell’s spring 2016 ready-to-wear collection brings the ’70s to life with a modern twist. Their use of earth tones and casual silhouettes give off beachy, bohemian vibes with just the right amount of class. Crisp whites, embroidered linens, lightweight knits and classic blue jeans make for a stellar combination in my book, and this collection encompasses all of them to form cohesive perfection.

My look combined several trends that Madewell presented, but I was mainly inspired by this look. I am a sucker for an effortlessly put together outfit, which I believe is what this collection is all about.

Even though I do love a cute pair of strappy sandals, ankle boots are much more my style. Choosing to wear my well-loved pair of black ankle boots with this outfit gave me that hint of edgy-ness, which I consider a necessary aspect in all of my outfits.

One trend featured in this collection and becoming increasingly more popular (for good reason), is topping off your look by wearing a bandana around your neck, ascot-style. By doing so with a bandana instead of the typical silk scarf, you create an effortless boho feel to whatever style outfit you’re rocking. To add a pop of color to my look, I decided to go with a red bandana, which I think is exactly what my outfit needed.

A simple black and white striped shirt is a wardrobe staple, so combining it with a plain white skater skirt gave me a basic foundation from which to build the complete outfit. I could not leave this outfit denim-free after viewing this collection, so I grabbed my go-to jacket to amp things up.

This collection remained relatively jewelry-free except for the simple addition of a few matte gold accessories here and there. I was perfectly content with this decision, because I honestly think my look needed nothing more than some simple bar drop earrings.

Whether your style is more edgy (like mine) or free-spirited, this collection will leave you inspired to take your spring look to the next level.

Get My Look: 1. Striped Shirt 2. White Skater-Skirt 3. Denim Jacket 4. Ankle Boots 5. Bandana 6. Bar Drop Earrings