If you’ve been following my previous posts on CollegeFashionista, you know that I’ve mentioned time and time again that I’m all about the edgy life. You can probably tell from the outfits I’ve featured on here, as well. So, of course, I had to incorporate my go-to edgy look onto the blog once and for all. What fun is it being a girl if you can’t wear whatever the heck you want, regardless if it’s “feminine” or not?

Because I go to school in Florida, I purposely layered up this look in a way that made it easy to take off each piece while still maintaining a stylish look, just in case it got warm during the day. Even though living in the sunshine state tends to limit people from wearing certain outfits, each look that I show here is just as edgy as the first one.

This outfit, which was inspired by the Balmain fall 2014 ready-to-wear collection, just screams me; it’s laid back, with just a hint of “don’t mess with me today.” Starting off, I’m wearing my faux leather jacket, which I feel is a staple piece in any girl’s wardrobe, regardless of what her style may be. It really completes any outfit, just like it did mine.

Under the jacket, I wore a blue/gray hooded plaid shirt. You can never go wrong with plaid; it gives some dimension to an outfit. I especially love the gray hood because it’s unique and gives the look a little bit of a grunge vibe. For bottoms, I just wore my favorite pair of blue jeans because it goes with everything. Lastly, I wore my dark brown combat boots, which complements the outfit as a whole. Because I predicted that it would get warmer during the day (which it did), I wore a plain black tank top underneath the plaid shirt. To keep the outfit stylish, I just wrapped the plaid shirt around my waist (’90s style).

Get My Look: 1. Faux leather jacket. 2. Plaid shirt. 3. Combat boots.