STYLE GURU STYLE: Eccentric Paradise

July 22nd, 2016 at 2:10am
STYLE GURU STYLE: Eccentric Paradise

Cynthia Rowley, New York based fashion designer, presented a wearable yet culturally diverse spring resort 2017 collection. The lively and on-trend collection aims to create a synthesis of how fashion can be eccentric and fun loving. Rowley explained: “I feel like resort is my thing, it’s my season.” This passion for resort simply comes through within this collection of texture, bright colors and wear-ability of the clothing. In the spring 2017 resort collection, Rowley focused on quirky pieces that not only looked beautiful on the runway, but also gives women the inspiration to be free-spirited within everyday fashion.

Drawing inspiration from this collection, I searched for the perfect vintage piece that not only is eccentric, but still contemporary. When I found this dress, the neon blue against the black immediately drew me in and gave me the exact punch I was craving. My outfit is my personal adaptation of how Rowley was able to use these bold colors in contrast with deeper color to create a journey throughout the outfit. The combination of a bold vintage dress and pale mid-heel create the perfect yin-yang to this outfit. The pale heel also gives the illusion of a longer leg with the bold print and makes the combination not too overpowering. This vintage dress is easy and fun, but can also be adapted to a timeless bohemian style.

I have also followed Rowley’s inspiration of other cultures and motifs, by pinning my hair into a braided crown. My hair pinned up not only made the dress the main attraction, but also gave another element of fun within the outfit. The most important lesson to take away from Cynthia Rowley’s 2017 resort collection is to remember that it is okay to be whimsical and creative with everyday fashion. Overall, fashion is about moments of empowerment and memories where you felt most confident. Don’t be afraid to take chances and complete the punch with a bold plum lip!

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