STYLE GURU STYLE: Earn Your Stripes

Guys, summer is already coming to a close! I use that exclamation point lightly. Perhaps we should take a brief moment of silence.

*Reflects on late nights spent with your BFF, Netflix, bottles of aloe that soothed your severe sunburns and all of those responsibilities that were happily abandoned.* You will be greatly missed, summer of 2015. Amen and God bless America.

Excuse me while I wipe these tears from my eyes. That was a truly beautiful moment.

Okay, moving on.

Fall is creeping up more sneakily than a paparazzi in Caitlyn Jenner’s backyard but I’m honestly not that mad about it. Here in Florida, fall is really only Summer 2.0 and I am excited for acting like I’m not sweating while sipping on a pumpkin spice latte. I’m also looking forward to seeing the change of leaves on my northern friends’ Instagram pages. Ah, there’s just nothing like living vicariously though others!

Beyond pretending like the 90 degree weather is in the mid-60s, I really love fashion in the fall. It’s a fun transition period in which you can blend together summer and winter pieces and maybe even do a little light layering. This outfit is great for easing into the fall while still having a touch of summer.

Stripes are always “in” as far as I’m concerned but this is coming from a girl who grew up in a kitchen covered in striped wallpaper. I might not be too biased though, because it seems like former German princess and current fashion queen Diane von Furstenberg agrees. In DVF’s spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection, multiple pieces were laden with black and white stripes that made my heart sing! This collection was my main inspiration behind this look.

What once began as a regular striped tee got cut into a crop top on a particularly boring day. I’ve gotten so much wear out of this top and I really do think a good striped shirt is a must in every wardrobe. So what I really mean by “Earn Your Stripes” is earn some money so you can go out and buy them! I drew from the blue DVF pieces to pair this basic T-shirt in a brand new way with a pair of soft blue trousers.

To finish it all up, I strapped on a pair of black heels, tortoise shell sunglasses, and my new favorite (and super cheap!) purse. All of these things together are enough to mask the pain of the ending of summer and excite you for the seasons to come!

Get My Look: 1. A striped crop top. 2. Soft blue trousers. 3. Ankle strap heels. 4. Zippered crossbody purse. 5. Tortoise shell sunglasses.