STYLE GURU STYLE: Dressing up Denim

The contemporary style optimizes the 21st century. Simplicity is key when translating trendy runway styles. One of this season’s hottest trends is wearing clean and structured denim. Everywhere I look it seems as if people are partaking in late ’60s and early ’70s-inspired styles while incorporating the classic denim fabric. This trend is most evident in Lisa Perry’s resort 2016 line. The designer plays with different styles, colors and shapes, but she still manages to capture the essence of simplicity. When trying to incorporate this trend into everyday style, have some fun with it. Adding some hard metal accessories to your outfit can add an alternative edge to your look. However, if you are feeling more relaxed, and choose to go for more of a bohemian look, try adding some suede or printed accessories to play up and enhance the simplicity of the outfit. Now that summer there is much more room for flexibility when it comes to trying with trends.

My outfit combines both hard and soft elements that allow this contemporary look seem very effortless. The alternative quality and harshness of the leather motorcycle jacket gives life to my outfit. It adds a sense of flair and unexpected fun to the otherwise simple denim dress I am wearing. My simple denim dress is structured, clean, and has minor details. The dress is very similar to the designs seen in Lisa Perry’s resort 2016 line since its simple details and simplicity makes the garments worthwhile. Since I opted for an alternative style when dressing up my contemporary dress, my gold gladiator sandals downplay the harshness of the jacket. The gold sandals add a delicate touch of color and femininity. This outfit is perfect to just throw on and walk out the door in (since it only took seconds to put together)!

Get My Look: 1. Contemporary denim dress. 2. Alternative leather jacket. 3. Gold gladiator sandals.