STYLE GURU STYLE: Dressing Up and Down

June 10th, 2016 at 2:10am

There’s something really cool about seeing casual wear on the runway, but it’s even cooler that college closets are gradually becoming runway-appropriate. As a big fan of the art of dressing up and dressing down, I wanted to recreate an outfit inspired by the Joseph and Off-White spring 2016 ready-to-wear collections.

Both collections feature solid colors and a loose fit, experimenting mostly with interesting shapes and layering. They are also paradoxical: simple and complex or masculine and feminine, among other bold combinations. From the Joseph collection, I replicated the ubiquitous plain white button-down and shirt tied around the waist. To vary shape, I left one side of my shirt untucked and tied my gray hoodie off-center. I was aiming for comfort, but I happen to own a pair of Nike shorts that coincide with this neon yellow theme in the collection as well.

In the Off-White collection, I noticed a lot of circular zipper tabs, especially around the neck area. I whipped out my trusty O-ring choker to match. I also admired the collection’s casual/formal combo—jeans and T-shirts being paired with heels—so I found some sheer black socks and wore minimalistic stilettos over top.

The resulting outfit may be too complicated for easy wear and too comfortable for serious occasions, but it might be something fun to try on a boring day. Besides, who says you can’t dress both up and down at once? Now is the time for crossing lines.

Get My Look: 1. Classic white button-down. 2. Comfortable (running) shorts. 3. Ankle strap heels.