STYLE GURU STYLE: Dresses and Sneakers (yes, please!)

July 8th, 2015 at 2:00am

Dresses and sneakers are easily one of my favorite current fashion trends. Why? Because it means I get out of trying to match a top and bottom and because sneakers are just awesome. It is probably the easiest way to dress and by some grace of the fashion gods, it is actually considered “cool.” When I went to college, I bought a pair of white Converse. They were everywhere on my Pinterest feed, in different fashion magazines, and I knew they would be a saving grace to wear around campus. Obviously, Adam Selman agrees that Converse and a minimalistic dress are the way to go. In his spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection, he pairs the iconic white sneakers with everything from bikinis to multi-colored gowns. My inspiration was his look number eight, in which he combines a little black dress with sneakers and pairs them with a bright bag.

For my look, I did pretty much the same. I chose my favorite summer black dress, threw on my Converse and paired the two with a red Michael Kors purse. I wanted to add a little more color to my outfit, so I styled myself with a red printed scarf as well. I put my hair back in a ponytail to highlight the scarf (and because it’s super simple) and I chose to keep my jewelry minimal, with a dainty necklace and bracelet. How long did it take me to get ready? Barely any time at all. All I can say is, thank you Adam Selman for confirming my love to wear Converse and putting a fresh spin on an LBD.

Get my look: 1. A little black dress. 2. A bold purse. 3. Sneakers.