STYLE GURU STYLE: Dressed For Daydreams

As I prepare to head back to school for the upcoming spring semester, I am hit with an assortment of tasks that require my attention. There’s a large pile of laundry that has been waiting to be done, things to buy and pack, people to bid farewell, and if I’m lucky a last minute shopping trip as well. In reality, I’d much rather be sitting in bed lounging, relaxing and watching The Mindy Project on television. However, these things will not get done on their own. How I wish to spend my day influenced me the outfit I put together inspired by the rag & bone pre-fall 2015 collection.

This simplistic collection is essential for the transition into winter before the shivering cold arrives. David Neville and Marcus Wainwright created a collection you wouldn’t mind getting caught sleepwalking in. This ensemble is comprised of light slouchy double-breasted blazers, silk Englishman’s pajama-styled sets and loose-fitting dresses. It also consists of vibrant burgundy and navy, matched with classic black and white.

With the help of some of my favorite pieces, I was able to twist this spiritedly rag & bone collection into my own. For this outfit, I paired a Necessary Clothing short sleeve black V-neck with patterned statement pants by Band of Gypsies. I threw on my black J.Crew downtown field jacket and a pair of Chuck Taylor Classic white Converse to finish the look. I was comfortable, but ready to take on all errands of the day. To take this look to the next level, try a blazer instead of a field jacket and wedges in place of the Converse.

Get My Look: 1. Short sleeved V-neck. 2. Patterned loose pants. 3. Black jacket. 4. Converse.