STYLE GURU STYLE: Dress to Royally Impress

In Kuwait, people typically dress up when exiting the house—whether it is to go to the grocery store, shopping at the mall or just a visit to the park. They dress extravagantly in fashion name brands, from clothing to shoes to make up and all the little extras. I miss walking out and seeing women dolled up in pretty clothing with heels or beautifully designed flats, and men walking around in suits and being able to catch a whiff of their sexy cologne—Armani, Givenchy or even Paco Rabonne scents while walking by.

I bring all this up because I absolutely fell in love with the Atelier Versace spring 2015 couture runway. Each and every piece that was displayed in this fashion walk made my heart flutter and got me excited to copy a blended look. The way the models presented this runway, the clothing colors, materials, fabrics and the actual design reminded me of the days I lived in Kuwait. I definitely went nostalgic while browsing through this stylish runway of choice. I combined look 23’s sheer lace and sequins with look 36’s wide skirt in this photo shoot. I felt like I exited straight out of Disney’s princess cartoons with my glittery and glistening dress. Whether I am princess Didi, or Queen D, I still am looking for my Prince Charming! But the question is, do I even need one…yet? I had a blast mimicking this selection; I felt beautiful and very flirty with the camera thanks to the inspiration I received from Atelier Versace’s clothing line.

Get My Look: 1. A sequined dress. 2. Mesh heels. 3. Sephora’s Formula X nail polish. 4. Gucci Sunglasses.