STYLE GURU STYLE: Dress It Down, Button-Up

The collections displayed for the resort season were stunning. My love for fashion ranges from crazy couture to comfy and casual, and what I love about the resort collections is that the pieces are elegant, yet practical. There were two collections that I really fell in love with this season: Alexis Mabille’s resort 2016 collection and alice + olivia’s resort 2016 collection. Their styles are very different, but they both have unique elements that make them so extraordinary.

Alexis Mabille’s collection features a lot of lace, bright pastels and my personal favorite, button-ups. The button-ups in this collection are flawlessly integrated, even if they are merely an accessory tied around the waist. She redefined the typically business button-up into something much more casual. alice + olivia did something entirely different. The collection is filled with beautiful patterns, flare pants and gorgeous colors. The colors had me hooked. I’ve always loved colors that seem a little rustic, so I was ecstatic when alice + olivia hinted that rusty mustard was coming into style. The rusty mustard color goes perfectly with the off-white, dusty maroon and pale blues that are also featured.

Although I love these collections dearly, I don’t really have the budget to invest in most of these pieces. Instead of spending all of my hard earned cash on one outfit, I hit Maxwell Street Days to see if I could find something. I knew my outfit would never be runway ready, but I felt inspired by the key elements of each collection and I wanted to find a way to incorporate them into my wardrobe.

Unfortunately, my lifestyle does not yet require me to wear anything nearly as nice as the clothing that is featured in both of these collections; although, I do hope that someday my career will require exactly that. Instead of giving up, I decided I would take what I learned from these two fashion greats and dress it down.

Get My Look:1. A great pair of distressed high-waisted shorts. 2. A mustard colored mid-rise top. 3. A comfy button-up (I personally am obsessed with the one I found by Sundry). 4. The optional sun-hat that will undoubtedly add a splash of class.